Weird Ape

You won’t find any other brand like Weird Ape. They pride themselves on reinventing, working against the grain and shaking up the old and boring. For them it’s all about being fresh and unusual!

“We’re for the dreamers. The odd-balls. The round pegs in the square holes.”

So where did Weird Ape come from? The idea came about when founder Stefan was searching for a watch. He had two problems: 1. The watches in the shops were too traditional and boring. 2. The watches that were most interesting were out of budget.

The founder wanted a watch that stood out and turned heads but at a reasonable price. He failed to find anything different so went for a traditional, generic looking watch. Not a single friend noticed the new watch. So after a month of wear, Stefan took about the watch to see if it was worth the money.

It was from this an epiphany happened and Stefan decided he would design his own watch that would be noticed. Something different that went against the mainstream.

Stefan spent 12 months designing and collaborating with watch experts to prefect designs. Each design also went through rigorous testing and there Weird Ape was born.