Gemstone Necklaces & Pendants

Gemstone Necklaces & Pendants

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When it comes to Gemstone Necklaces & Pendants, there is so much choice at Drakes, Plymouth. Which gem will you choose? Which style will you go for?

From vibrant rubies to striking unusual emeralds, there is so much fun to be had when choosing a gemstone piece.

At Drakes you will find an array of traditional gemstones such as your rubies, emeralds and sapphires, coupled with a selection of gorgeous unusual gems. Each have their own benefits and features. Click here to read our guide on choosing your perfect gemstone.

Take a browse through our necklaces and pendants set with beautiful gems and pop in store to see them in the flesh. We would always recommend trying on an item before purchasing to make sure it is something you will love to wear.

Please bear in mind, what you see here is only a very small collection of what we have in store, so please do pop in to experience the whole collection. Many of the pieces you see are available in different metal types and with different colour gemstones.

The question is, which gem is your favourite?