Repairs Price List

Unfortunately there is no price that fits all when it comes to jewellery repairs.

No price fits all, for more accurate pricing get in touch today

Unfortunately there is no price that fits all when it comes to jewellery repairs. Prices vary depending on a number of factors including metal type, nature of work done and style of the item. For a more accurate quote please pop into store with your item where one of our team will be able to help.

Take a look at our rough jewellery repair prices to give you an idea of how much your repair could be. Please do note that these are only rough prices and for a more accurate price, we’ll need to see the item and send it for a no obligation estimate.

Ring Sizing

Downsizing or Upsizing up to 3 sizes, Re-joining

9ct Yellow Gold   

from £60

18ct Yellow Gold

from £120

9ct White Gold   

from £65

18ct White Gold  

from £120


from £95

Adding a piece of gold from £100. If your ring needs altering more than 3 sizes either way, it will need to go to our outworker for an estimate. 


(to restore the brightness of your white gold ring)

Claw replacement

Re-tip 1 claw

from £65

An estimate will be required if more than one requires re-tipping

Stone tightening

(estimates by outworker required)

Replacement shank, head

(estimates by outworker required)

Replacement diamond or gemstone

(estimates by outworker required)

Remake of item

(estimates by outworker required)


Starting from £25
depending on metal type and style of piece



Restringing, Re-cementing, Cleaning, Knotting
(estimates by outworker required)


Basic Block Engraving

from £2 per letter

Cartoon Engraving   

from £55+

Fingerprint engraving   

from £100

Watch batteries

In store battery only

from £10

Battery Only from the brand
(estimates by outworker required)
Battery & Water Testing
(estimates by outworker required)


From £10


Valuation of item 

from £65 (depending on the item)


from £80

Branded repairs

Ask in store for more information


To receive a personalised quotation for your jewellery repair please pop into store.  Feel free to enquire here but please be aware we will need to see your item in person.


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