Drakes Rewards Plymouth South West


Our Drakes Rewards scheme means each time you shop at Drakes you will be closer to your next Drakes Reward.

Show your Drakes Rewards card in store whenever you make a purchase and you will earn 1 reward for every £1 you spend.*

As soon as you start collecting you will be able to use these towards your next purchase with us. Alternatively, if wish to save for something extra special, you can continue to collect your rewards until you have earned your desired amount.*


  • 1 Drakes Reward is equivalent to £0.10
    • e.g. For every £100 you spend at Drakes you will receive £10 to spend on your next purchase.
  • Every time you make a purchase you will receive rewards.
  • They never expire!
  • You can choose how many Drakes Rewards you would like to have deducted from your next purchase.
  • We even treat you to more rewards when you spend your existing ones - so you never run out.


  • Only valid at Drakes, Drake Circus Shopping Centre, 1 Charles Street, Plymouth, PL1 1EA
  • Will not be issued on items placed on Interest Free Credit.
  • We will not swap your rewards for cash – they can only be used against future purchases.
  • We reserve the right to remove credit from your Drakes Rewards card at any time.
  • Drakes Rewards from different customer accounts cannot be merged together.
  • They can only be redeemed by the named account holder.
  • If you request a refund having already used the rewards generated from the returned item on a new purchase, you can return the item purchased with your rewards so long as it’s in pristine condition and in its original packaging. If you are unable to return the item purchased with Drakes Rewards in pristine condition, we reserve the right to deduct the rewards monetary value from the refund.
  • If you return your purchase for a refund, the rewards generated from that purchase will be cancelled.
  • Drakes Rewards will not be issued on the following items: Pre-owned watches and jewellery, discounted items, watch repairs, valuations, coins and ‘findings’.
Drakes Rewards Plymouth South West