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Drakes Jewellers, Diamond Cleaning, Jewellery Cleaning, Diamond Dazzle Stik

Step 1

Take the diamond you want to clean, your Dazzle Stik and a tub of warm water.

Twist your Dazzle Stik until the blue cleaning liquid appears from the bristles.

Jewellery Cleaning, Cleaning Diamond, Drakes Jewellers

Step 2

Apply the blue cleaning liquid to your diamond working it around the diamond with the soft bristles of your Dazzle Stik.

Drakes Jewellers, Diamond Cleaning, Diamond Dazzle Stik, Love

Step 3

Soak your Diamond in a tub of warm water to rinse off the cleaning liquid.

Drakes Jewellers, Jewellery Cleaning, Diamonds, Diamond Cleaning, Diamond Dazzle Stik

Step 4

Once the cleaning liquid from the Dazzle Stik has been rinsed off, pat your diamond dry using a soft, clean cloth to reveal your diamonds beautiful sparkle!