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Metal types are a personal preference and with so much choice, it's important to choose something you will be happy to wear for many years to come; especially when it comes to those all-important engagement and wedding rings.

To help you along the way, we have put together a handy guide on the metal types available at Drakes, Plymouth. If you would like any more advice on choosing the right metal for you, pop in store and our knowledgeable team will be on hand to help. 


Yellow gold is one of the most popular metal choices today, particularly when it comes to wedding and engagement rings.

This gold is usually combined with other metals, or alloys to make it stronger and hard-wearing. The more alloys in the metal, the lower the carat. Yellow gold is available in 9ct, 18ct and in some cases 24ct. 18ct yellow gold is more hard wearing than 9ct but both make a good choice for everyday wear. The exact yellow hue depends on the type of metal alloys that have been used.

Gold is one of the easiest metals for jewellers to manipulate so it can be used to create stunning jewellery designs without putting any stress on the metal. This makes it a good choice for rings that may need to be resized at a later date.

Yellow gold is a classic metal choice and will suit everyone. It looks particularly impressive on olive or darker skin tones.

Yellow gold will scratch with everyday wear so it is important to have your jewellery cleaned and polished regularly to keep it looking as shiny as they day you purchased it.

Yellow Gold Wedding Ring, Drakes Jewellers, Plymouth, South West


Similarly to yellow gold, white gold is combined with other metals such as silver and palladium to make it stronger and more hard wearing. The more alloys in the metal, the lower the carat. White gold is available in 9ct and 18ct.

White gold rings are coated in Rhodium which makes the metal look whiter. The natural colour of white gold is a light grey colour so the rhodium plating really adds that sparkle. Rhodium is a hard metal but over time it will wear. To keep the ring looking as sparkly as the day you bought it you will need to have your ring re-rhodium plated approximately every 12 – 18 months depending on the wear of the ring. For more information and advice on this, please contact the Drakes Jewellery Hospital on 01752 973128 or 07552219823.

If you purchase your white gold ring from Drakes, the first 3 times are free and then £15 thereafter.

White gold is a popular choice today especially when it comes to engagement and when rings. White gold best suits fair skin tones.

Like with yellow gold, white gold will scratch so it is important to have your jewellery cleaned and polished regularly to keep it looking as shiny as the day you purchases it.

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Platinum is always a popular choice for engagement and wedding rings due to it's aesthetically pleasing colour and its' practical properties too.  Platinum is hard wearing and resistant to tarnishing which makes it perfect for everyday wear. If you have particularly sensitive skin, it's also a great choice as it's purity makes it hypoallergenic and non reactive.

Although durable, platinum will scratch with wear however, these minor imperfections are easily polished out and maintained.  Over time, platinum develops its own beautiful sheen (patina) which means it will stay looking bright for many years to come. 

Did you know... platinum is one of the rarest metals. In fact, if all the pure platinum in the world was melted down, there would only be enough to cover an average sized football pitch.

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Rose gold is alloyed with copper which gives it the beautiful rose colour. The more copper that is added, the redder the gold becomes.  Rose gold is available in 9ct and 18ct.  The copper in rose gold makes it tougher than yellow and white gold.

Due to its pinky-red colour, this metal is considered by many as the most romantic metal. It compliments all skin tones and is growing in popularity.

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Palladium has a similar appearance to platinum but it is a much softer metal. If you are looking for a white gold appearance that is cheaper than platinum but does not need recoating like white gold, this would be for you.

There are two options when it choosing palladium; 500 or 950. Palladium 500 contains 50% palladium and 50% other alloys. Palladium 950 contains 95% palladium and 5% other alloys. Palladium 500 is greyer in colour whereas palladium 950 is whiter.

Palladium does not tarnish, is hard wearing and light in weight.

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Titanium is grey in colour and the hardest metal you can buy. This makes it a good choice for a male who has a very physically demanding job. Due to its strength Titanium is a lot more scratch resistant than other metal types.

This lightweight metal is 100% hypo-allergenic so it will not react with your skin.

One thing to consider when choosing a Titanium ring is that it cannot be resized. This is due to how the ring is cast in production.

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Zirconium is often thought of in the same way as Palladium and Tungsten in that it is extremely strong.

One of the benefits of Zirconium is the fact it is more ductile than Titanium meaning it is easier to work with and therefore available in a wider selection of designs.

Zirconium in its original form is grey-white in colour but it is also available in black which is growing in popularity. This finish happens by putting the Zirconium through an oxidization process and can create a real statement.

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