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Accessorise your Summer

Summer is here so we thought we’d share some of this seasons jewellery trends so you can ensure that your…

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Diamonds for Every Occasion

Each diamond is completely unique, just like each of us, which makes choosing the right diamond for you all the more special.

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Why Desire?

To the naked eye, most diamonds will appear colourless although there are subtle differences in shade. When you really look…

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20% off Diamonds

We are celebrating this month’s birthstone, diamond, with an exclusive treat just for you!

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It’s all in the Detail

Intricate details on a ring can make a really pretty addition. Take a look at some of the finer details.

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Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

  Whether you are looking to treat your other half or looking for a gift for the perfect couple, finding…

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Desire by Drakes

Imagine being given a beautiful diamond, made all the more special by it being ‘D’ coloured, the highest colour grade…

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Diamond Care Tips

It’s always important to care for your diamonds, but even more so during the summer months. Summer means trips to…

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Satellite Diamond Ring- created by Andrew Geoghegan;

Here at Drakes, Plymouth we have the pleasure of presenting to you the absolutely stunning Satellite Diamond Ring, designed by…

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Drakes Diamonds with a Promise Collection;

Buying a diamond is often a very special and significant moment in your life, and here at Drakes we understand…

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Your Drakes Diamond Certificate – 3 min read

  Buying a diamond is such an exciting experience! However, there is more to diamonds than meets the eye… have…

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Design your own bespoke ring at Drakes Plymouth

Whether you are looking for a shape to fit wedding ring or something completely bespoke, our Drakes Jewellery Hospital is…

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