Diamond Care

Cleaning your diamonds at home couldn’t be easier.

Cleaning your diamonds

We’d recommend using a Connoisseurs Diamond Dazzle Stik, available to buy in store or online for just £10. A Dazzle Stik will get your diamonds sparkle back in no time.

Click the button below to see our quick and easy guide to using your Diamond Dazzle Stik.

If you can’t get your hands on one of these, we’d suggest the best way to restore your diamonds sparkle is using some warm water, a very small amount of soap and a very soft toothbrush. Using a soft toothbrush will help you to get around the claws, making sure that your diamonds are sparkling to their full potential.

Keep your diamonds safe

To keep your diamonds sparkling for as long as possible we’d suggest taking them off when exercising, when using lotions and potions (including cleaning products) when in the shower and washing your hands, when playing sport, when lifting heavy objects, when at the beach, gardening, swimming and when sleeping to name a few.

The diamond story

All diamonds begin their beautiful life as a ‘rough diamond’; the stone in its natural form. Each diamond you see at Drakes, Plymouth has more than likely existed for billions of years. Diamonds hide deep beneath the earth’s surface in ridiculously hot molten rock. After many years, unable to take the immense pressure, the volcano erupts and the diamond rock is blasted to the earth’s surface. As the volcano cools down, the diamonds become trapped in harden magma.

Tips on storing your diamonds

It is best not to store your diamonds with other jewellery or other diamonds. Doing so is often how they become scratched or damaged. We suggest storing them in their own little pouches in your jewellery box. This is a great way to keep them dust and damage free. We have a gorgeous collection of jewellery boxes available

Have your diamonds cleaned at Drakes

Drakes can clean your beautiful diamonds for you from just £10! However, if the ring was purchased from us, we’ll keep your diamonds sparkling clean for free! The team are on hand to do it for you in store or at our local workshop, depending on how much of a deep clean you would like.

Here at Drakes we would also suggest taking your diamond jewellery to a professional every once in a while to stop any mishaps. They will be able to check that your diamonds are safe and secure in their settings and advise you on any work that may need doing on your jewellery to keep those beautiful diamonds safe.


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