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The 5c's

Choosing a diamond is always an exciting and often quite an emotional event. At Drakes Jewellers, Plymouth we will use our extensive knowledge and passion to help you find the one that’s perfect for you. When choosing a diamond there are 5 key things to consider: Colour, Carat, Cut, Clarity and Confidence.

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A beautiful diamond for a beautiful moment. All diamonds in this collection are ‘D’ coloured, the highest diamond colour grade you can get. It is easy to see why this collection is so popular with our customers. Enjoy browsing this exquisite collection. 

Diamond Shapes

When you think of a diamond the image of a classic round cut is probably the first to pop into your head. When it comes to diamonds they come in a range of wonderful different shapes, meaning there is a diamond shape to appeal to all tastes.

All beautiful in their own right, how will your possibly choose!

volcano diamond story

The Diamond Story

All diamonds begin their beautiful life as a ‘rough diamond’ – the stone in its natural form.
Each diamond you see at Drakes, Plymouth has more than likely existed for billions of years, hiding deep beneath the earth’s surface in ridiculously hot molten rock.


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Drakes Diamonds

At Drakes, Plymouth we have an extensive selection of diamonds. The question is… which will be your favourite?

We recognise that choosing a diamond is often quite an emotional event, which is why we invest so much passion and thought into what we do.

Each diamond is as unique as you are and we can help you to find an item of jewellery you will love and treasure for many years to come.

Many of the diamonds you see in Drakes have been personally selected and inspected by Andrew Hirshman, Director of Drakes. As our certified Diamond Grader, Andrew is responsible for weighing, measuring and grading a diamonds colour and clarity. This process means you can feel confident knowing a diamond you purchase from Drakes has been graded correctly.