Why Desire?

Posted on May 4th, 2022

To the naked eye, most diamonds will appear colourless although there are subtle differences in shade. When you really look and compare two rings of two different colours next to one another, you’ll start to see the differences.  

A diamond is graded using the GIA grading system, where they are colour graded from colour D (colourless) to Z (yellow colour). This grade plays a vital role in establishing the value of a diamond. All our diamonds in store are K or above with the majority being colour H or higher. Below you can see our colour grade illustration to help explain the difference. Speak to our team in store and find out more about diamond colour and see the difference for yourself.  

colour guide 5C drakes

To aid your browsing experience, all of our D colour diamonds are grouped together in our Desire by Drakes collection.

The white gold ring below has a beautiful D colour diamond and the yellow gold ring is set with a H colour diamond. If you look closely you can see the slight difference in shade. These differences aren’t always very noticeable to the naked eye and will all sparkle forever.  

If you are undecided between purchasing a D colour diamond or a diamond with a lower colour grading you may want to consider these few facts:

It completely depends on your own personal preferences, budgets and what you feel right purchasing. There is no right answer and the choice is ultimately yours.

If you are someone who has a very good attention to detail and sense of subtle colour changes, you may prefer the idea of having a D colour diamond where you know your diamond is colourless.

D colour diamonds are said to make the perfect choice for an engagement ring. Why you may ask? Because it is the very best colour grade you can purchase and who wouldn’t want the best for this memorable milestone.

D colour diamonds look best set in white gold or platinum. When they are set in yellow or rose gold, the colour of the setting is reflected through the diamond which can give it a yellowy hue and therefore making it look like a lower colour grade. This is why you will see many yellow and rose gold bands finished with a white gold or platinum setting so you can really appreciate the diamonds true beauty.


We are very passionate about our Desire by Drakes collection. It is always such a favourite with our customers looking for a diamond for that special occasion. It’s easy to see why it is so popular as the beauty of the diamonds really speak for themselves.

Whichever diamond colour grade you choose, rest assured at Drakes we offer the best quality and value for money when it comes to each colour. We have been specialists in diamonds for over 70 years and our knowledge and experience means you can trust us with your all important purchase.


With love from Drakes x