Posted on August 12th, 2021

At Drakes, Plymouth we have been beyond excited to hear about our bride and grooms’ weddings finally being able to go ahead with minimal restrictions in place. After the past 18 months, we’re not sure if it is just us but weddings seem to be even bigger of a celebration than they have before. Especially to those who, after all this time, are finally getting the big day as close to what they dreamed of as possible.

There is no denying that this pandemic has made us see the world in a different light and it has made us re-evaluate what is important to us. This in itself has reflected on weddings and created new immerging trends that perhaps before all this, we would never have even seen coming!

So let’s take a look at some of the trends…


When the weather is being kind to us, there is something so beautiful about an outdoor wedding! You may also find that some of your guests are a little nervous about attending a larger event so an outdoor ceremony can be the perfect way to safely enjoy a big wedding in a relaxed atmosphere.

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With so many bride and grooms postponing their wedding for months or even years, the diaries for all the local wedding industry are looking jam packed! This has created a rise in mid-week weddings. For many they have chosen a weekday wedding to save waiting even longer to get married but for others it is simply a fantastic way to save some money. Not only that but if you opt for a weekday wedding you have so much more flexibility with the date so you can choose the date that is the most special to you both.


We’ve seen so many photos of beautiful small and intimate weddings that happened when more restrictions were in place and this is not a trend that looks like it is going away. With more people re-evaluating what is important to them, some couples are choosing to go with an intimate smaller ceremony. It can be a great way to enjoy the most magical day with your closest friends and family without the expense and stress of a larger day.


As we rallied together during lockdown there has been a rise in those supporting local and British suppliers. With so much uncertainty still in the air, working with suppliers closer to home feels more comforting to bride and grooms to be. They have also seen local businesses struggle with numerous lockdowns so purchasing local makes them feel they are doing their bit in helping the UK economy get back on its feet.

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With dancing at weddings being banned for so long it feels like everyone is longing to get back on their feet! We’ve all missed having a few drinks with our friends and dancing the night away! For those getting married in 2021, your wedding might be the first event some of your guests have been to in over 18 months. Your wedding will be the reunion of all reunions and a chance for everyone to let their hair down and just enjoy celebrating with you.



Ironically the pandemic has bought us all closer even though we may be miles apart and technology has played a vital part in our lives and also weddings. This year and next year, technology is set to remain part of couples wedding days. We may have restrictions lifting here but travel to other countries is still difficult which means couples may have friends and family far and wide who can’t get there to join the celebrations. We are likely to see guests joining in on the day via live video links. Wherever your guests are in the world enjoy having them as part of your day.


It’s safe to say that many of us picked up new hobbies in lockdown and for those working from home, they have some new found time on their hands now they don’t have their daily commute. This coupled together means that bride and grooms will be utilising their new found time and skills to create more parts of their weddings themselves. Home-made thank you wedding favours and centre pieces are proving to be very popular.



As a society, we definitely have a new found appreciation for those around us and this will follow through into couples weddings. With all the uncertainly surrounding weddings, it is predicted couples will be even more thankful to those not only attending their wedding but those who have supported them through it too.

Enjoy planning your wedding and creating a day you will remember forever.