2021 Engagement Ring Trends

Posted on May 17th, 2021

There is no doubt that the past 12 months have been difficult for everyone, but what it has given us is a chance to appreciate what we have and celebrate love. While weddings have heartbreakingly had to be postponed, engagements are in full swing with lots of couples taking the next step in their relationship. After all, you can’t cancel love!

The tradition of giving an engagement ring began back in 1477 in Vienna when the Archduke Maximillian of Austria gave Mary of Burgundy a diamond ring on their engagement. We have a lot to thank him for! Let’s be honest, many of us have lost time looking at all the pretty rings in a store window or online. For some of us we have a clear idea in our head of what we’d love to have and for others the idea of our partner choosing it themselves means we don’t really mind what we have as long as it is their choice.

We thought we’d share some of the engagement ring trends emerging this year to help you along the way, whether you are planning the perfect proposal or dreaming of your future.


Colourful gemstone engagement rings are increasing in popularity this year. We are seeing more and more of our customers opting for a beautiful gemstone ring to propose with. Most popular of the gems for this are Rubies, Emeralds and of course Sapphires (thank you Kate Middleton). We think gemstones make a beautiful engagement ring personal to your future fiancé(e).

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Heirloom Inspired Rings...

The national lockdowns have definitely caused many to feel a little nostalgic and also think about the future. This year we’re expecting to see a rise in modern rings with a vintage twist. This could be couples using a family heirloom as their engagement ring choice, having the ring altered or choosing a ring that has a vintage quality to it, giving it an heirloom feel.

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Yellow Gold...

Yellow gold is slowly making a comeback with more couples choosing to opt for this colour metal. One thing to bear in mind with yellow gold is that diamonds tend to be set in white gold with a yellow gold band as the yellow of the gold can cause the colour to tinge slightly and alter how sparkly the diamond appears.

Diamond Ring, Engagement Ring, Yellow Gold Engagement Ring, Drakes Jewellers, Plymouth

It's all in the Detail...

Rings with intricate detailing are also on the rise. The tiny details on an otherwise beautiful ring really adds another dimension! These are often around the setting of the stone. We absolutely love the intricate details on some of our gorgeous rings from Brown and Newirth. Especially this gorgeous three stone with it’s three heart setting… beautiful!

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Bespoke engagement rings are also proving to be popular this year. A few of our customers are going for the more personal and insightful touch, opting for bespoke. We absolutely love the idea of your future fiancé(e) being involved in creating the ring themselves; how romantic! It is such a lovely moment seeing a customer’s idea brought to life and seeing their reaction.

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You can't go Wrong with Solitaires...

One thing that never seems to go out of fashion is trusted solitaires! You really cannot go wrong with a single stone diamond sparkler! We have a beautiful array of engagement rings with a single diamond that are perfect for a proposal. If you are opting for the more traditional choice, make sure you take a look at our Desire by Drakes collection, which is filled with stunning D colour diamonds; the best colour grade you can get.

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Diamond with a Promise...

If you are really stuck wondering what your partner would like, why not propose with a loose diamond! At Drakes, we have an exquisite collection of loose diamonds perfect for the occasion. Proposing with a loose diamond or even a gemstone means that after the event you can visit the store and choose a setting together. Such a romantic experience to enjoy together as a newly engaged couple! Plus, if you have a budget in mind, this option does allow you control over the budget as the main cost in any ring will be the stone over the mount. On choosing a loose diamond our team will be able to let you know rough mount costs so you can still be completely in control.

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If you are planning on proposing this year, pop in to store and our team will be delighted to help you find the one. If you’d like some more information then please take a read of our proposal guide for lots of helpful tips for planning this exciting time in your lives.

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Try to enjoy the experience of choosing a ring. It may seem daunting but our team are on hand to help and the most important thing is you both deciding on forever.