What you can do with your old gold

Posted on August 26th, 2020

Did you know there are many options when it comes to what to do with your old or broken jewellery, it doesn’t need to go to waste. Whatever you choose to do with it, we can help! You may have found some items you never knew you had hidden away when you’ve been sorting out your home or perhaps some jewellery you’ve been meaning to do something with for years.

At Drakes we can have your precious items repaired so you can once again enjoy wearing them. From ring resizing’s, claw retipping, soldering, replacing lost stones and much more, our team can help you with getting your item repaired. Pop into store where one of our team can take a look at your item and advise on next steps. You can find out more information about the repairs we can do by clicking here.

Alternatively, if your item is beyond repair, we can quote to have your item completely remade to look as it once did. We can use the gold from the existing item you have and any stones so that it’ll be pretty much the same item, just sparkly and new!

If you have lots of gold you no longer love, or perhaps you have inherited some family heirlooms that are just not your style, why not have them remade into something you’ll love to wear. We believe jewellery should be loved and admired so it’s important that you enjoy wearing it. Having sentimental heirlooms remodelled can be a lovely way to keep your loved ones near while embracing your own style and taste. In the past we’ve seen brides and grooms use the gold from their grandparents wedding rings to create a bespoke wedding ring for themselves. Our team love working with you to create something new and personal to you and recycling your gold is a great way to do just this.

The same goes with the precious stones in your items too. Say you have inherited an engagement ring with a gorgeous sapphire set in yellow gold but you’re not a yellow gold fan, we can use this exact stone and have it set in a metal you will enjoy wearing such as white gold or platinum. Some grooms to be have even gone with this option to have their grandmothers diamonds set into a brand new engagement ring for their fiancé. What a lovely touch!

Visit us in store and speak to one of our team about your ideas and how we can remodel you existing jewellery into something new.

Yellow Gold Wedding Ring, Bespoke Made Wedding Ring, Remodelled Wedding Ring, Drakes Jewellers Plymouth
Repaired and Remodelled Eternity Ring, Drakes Jewellers Plymouth, Gold, We buy your Gold

Lastly, if it is just that you have gold that you no longer want, we can turn it into cash for you! Pop into store with your gold jewellery and a member of our team can give you a quote for what we will give you in cash for your scrap gold. If you’d like to go ahead, we can give you the money there and then so you can treat yourself to something new.

Remodelled Yellow Gold Ring, Drakes Jewellery Hospital, Drakes Jewellers, Plymouth
Yellow Gold Broken Chain, Drakes Jewellers, Plymouth

There are so many options when it comes to your old jewellery so please do pop into store and speak to one of our friendly team who will be able to help you.

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  1. Hi do you buy back Jewellery originally bought from you . I have a white gold emerald engagement ring .

    Kind regards


  2. Hi Emma, thank you for your comment. Unfortunately we do not tend to buy back jewellery previously purchased from us. Thanks, Drakes