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Diamond Care Tips

Posted on July 8th, 2019

It’s always important to care for your diamonds, but even more so during the summer months. Summer means trips to the beach, sun cream and after sun, gardening, swimming and a whole host of other fun activities that could potentially damage your beautiful diamonds. Below we share some of our top diamond care tips that will help keep your diamonds safe throughout the summer.

Our first tip would be to take your diamonds off when taking part in summer activities like applying lotions and potions such as sun cream, when swimming in the sea or a swimming pool, when visiting the beach and when gardening to name a few. This will help to prevent damage to your diamonds and their settings. It is also important that when you take them off you store them correctly, which leads us on to our next diamond care tip.



Correctly storing your diamonds will also help to keep them in pristine condition. We would advise not storing them in amongst your other jewellery or diamonds, this will prevent them from getting damaged or scratched. Putting each of your diamond pieces in their own little pouches in your jewellery box is the best way to keep them damage and dust free. We have a beautiful selection of jewellery boxes available in store, you can browse the collection here.

Drakes Jewellers, Diamond Care, Diamond Care Tips, Jewellery Box
Drakes Jewellers, Diamond Cleaning, Diamond Care, Diamonds



Cleaning your diamond is another of our top diamond care tips. There is more than one way you can do this as well. We would recommend using a Diamond Dazzle Stik to clean your diamonds, these are available to purchase in store for just £10, they’ve been tried and tested by team Drakes and they really do get your diamonds sparkling again! For a step by step guide on how to use your Diamond Dazzle Stick, click here.

If you can’t get your hands on a Diamond Dazzle Stik or yours has run out, another quick and easy way to restore your diamonds sparkle is to use some warm water, a very small amount of soap and a very soft toothbrush. This mixture will clean your diamond and the soft toothbrush will allow for sufficient cleaning around the claws.

If you are looking to have a deeper clean of your diamond and it’s setting, you can have this done in store or at our Drakes Jewellery Hospital. Prices for a deep clean start from just £5 and will leave your diamonds looking brand new again. We would definitely recommend having this done every once in a while, even if you clean your diamond at home. This will also give the team the chance to look over your diamond jewellery to check that the diamond is still securely in its setting, they will also be able to advise you of any work that may need doing on your jewellery in order to keep your beautiful diamond safe.

If you have any questions about caring for your diamonds, our team are always on hand to answer them and give you tips and advice, just pop into store. We hope these tips will help you keep your diamonds sparkling all summer long!

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