Drakes Jewellers, Satellite Ring, Diamond Ring, Andrew Geoghegan

Satellite Diamond Ring- created by Andrew Geoghegan;

Posted on April 30th, 2019

Here at Drakes, Plymouth we have the pleasure of presenting to you the absolutely stunning Satellite Diamond Ring, designed by the talented Andrew Geoghegan.

Satellite Diamond ring, Drakes Diamond Ring, Drakes Jewellers, Andrew Geoghegan

Andrew has been building up his reputation for precision designed chic since 1998 and although he has not always been in the fine jewellery industry, his past endeavours were vital to igniting that affinity with metals and his pursuit of crafted perfection. Andrew prides himself on creating jewellery for you to make your own.

Instagram: andrewgeoghegan

Andrew Geoghegan has received many awards and accolades in his time, including British Jewellery Associations 2014 Designer of the Year Award and Editor’s Choice at International Jewellery London 2015.

Drakes Jewellers, Satellite Ring, Diamond Ring, Andrew Geoghegan
Drakes Jewellers, Satellite Ring, Diamond Ring, Andrew Geoghegan

The gorgeous Satellite Diamond Ring is an inspired sculptural form of fluid, strokable lines. Satellite is a signature design that makes for an unusual, distinctive ring that would make a beautiful dress, wedding and engagement ring. Its varied stone sizes, positions and asymmetry create an extraordinary piece of jewellery that you will treasure forever.

Available in platinum with a total diamond carat weight of 0.84ct, the Satellite Diamond Ring is one you do not want to miss. Pop into store to see the Satellite Ring in its full glory!

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