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Venus Awards Inspirational Women Finalists;

Posted on March 11th, 2019

Here at Drakes, Plymouth, we have had the privilege of being the Venus Awards Inspirational Women category sponsor. With over 70 entries initially we have had a very tough but exciting time whittling it down to our 3 finalists; Jade Scott from Vospers, Alison Jordan from Pete’s Dragons and Hannah Shead from Trevi House.

Each of these 3 amazing women have done so much for not only their places of work but also the local community. We wanted to share with you a little more about each of them, so you can see just how hard picking our winner is going to be!

Jade Scott, Drakes Jewellers, Venus Awards, Vospers, Inspirational Woman

Jade Scott-Vospers.

Jade has been working at Vospers for almost year and has big aspirations within the company, she was promoted to an Area Manager within 7 months of being at Vospers which we think is amazing!

Jade is a lady who is always willing to go above and beyond for others, even if that means learning something new so she can help. Jade feels that if she were to win the Inspirational Woman award, it would help her inspire more people. She loves visiting her old school as a mentor and would love to be able to visit other schools around Plymouth and the surrounding areas so that she can show them that anything is possible if you work hard for it.

Alison Jordan-Pete’s Dragons. 

Alison started Pete’s Dragons in 2014, 4 years after her brother Pete committed suicide. During those initial 4 years she realised that there was no specific and specialist bereavement support in Devon. After giving back to the organisations that helped her and her family through an extremely tough time by starting a fundraising group, the idea of Pete’s Dragons was born. Alison feels that winning the award would bring more attention and recognition to the charity meaning that those who are in need of a bereavement service but have not heard of Pete’s Dragons are more likely to know about it and get the help they need. She also wants to be able to show people that you can do anything you put your mind to. The charity has grown hugely over the last 4 years and Alison hopes that it will continue to do so. You can read more about her story here.

Drakes Jewellers, Alison Jordan, Venus Awards, Pete's Dragons, Inspirational Woman
Drakes Jewellers, Trevi House, Hannah Shead, Venus Awards, Inspirational Woman

Hannah Shead-Trevi House.

Hannah is the CEO of Trevi House. Trevi House is the only service of its kind in the UK, a place which puts children at the centre of what they do and works on keeping children with their mums while they overcome addiction and trauma. Hannah feels that if she were to win the award, it would raise the profile of the amazing work that is done at Trevi House, allowing their message to get out there and help more families to stay together. Hannah is passionate about women and children and feels that mothers should have the best possible opportunity to keep their children in their care.  You can read more about the amazing work that Trevi House do here.

As you can see, all three of our finalists are amazing and we are definitely having a hard time picking just one winner. We can’t wait to see Jade, Alison and Hannah at the Venus Awards Finals at St Mellion International Resort. Congratulations to all our finalists, it has been an absolute pleasure to meet you and you’ve left us feeling very inspired

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  1. I suggest you choose the amazing Hannah Shead. I have never met such an inspirational, hard-working and visionary woman before, in fifty years of working in the social justice sector. She has a genuine desire to achieve the very best for the women at Trevi and for the service to expand and reach more women and children in need.

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