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Alternatives to a sit-down wedding breakfast

Posted on January 25th, 2019

Wedding trends are getting more and more out there each year. With a huge variety of unusual venues for your big day such as, the zoo, tree houses, train carriages, the Roman Baths in Bath and even The London Eye, you can make your wedding day unique in more ways than one.

While sit down wedding breakfasts are still hugely popular, for some couples they don’t quite fit with the theme of their wedding or with the couple’s personality. If you’re looking for some fun and often cost-effective alternatives, at Drakes, Plymouth we have shared our favourites with you below.


First, we have a BBQ. Whether your guests serve themselves after all the amazing food is cooked or it is served to them, a BBQ can be a fun and interactive choice for your guests. There are so many amazing foods that go well on BBQ’s, from fish and meat to amazing vegetarian and vegan creations that your guests are bound to love. Not forgetting the delicious pasta, salad and other amazing BBQ accompaniments.

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Food Trucks/Street Food;

Food Trucks/Street food are a great way to serve a multitude of different cuisines at your wedding. It also means that you and your guests can continue to mingle with one another while waiting for their food, rather than being sat down at a table. This style of wedding breakfast also means that you do not necessarily have to have the traditional round tables and table plan at your wedding. Guests can easily stand around chatting while tucking into their food, or many opt for a more relaxed seating style in the form on high tables and chairs, or sofas and more comfortable areas for your guests to sit and eat. This also helps with the easy transition into the evening part of your wedding as it means that tables will not have to be cleared from the room. This works particularly well if you are having your wedding in a marquee.


Next, we have a pick and mix buffet. These are a fantastic alternative and work especially well if you are trying to save some money. They also make for amazing photos and your guests’ mouths will be sure to water when they see all the amazing food that is on offer. Having a buffet will also mean that guests can pick as and when they would like rather than having just one specific time in which they can eat.

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Cocktail Reception;

Is a cocktail style reception more your thing? These are a great chic way to treat your guests on your big day. Think waiters and waitresses walking around offering tasty food and drinks to your guests, allowing them to socialise with one another while getting full.

Afternoon Tea;

Afternoon tea is a more recent alternative to a sit-down wedding breakfast. You can serve your guests a delicate selection of finger sandwiches accompanied by warm scones, and a variety of different cakes. There are also so many added extras to add to your afternoon tea the will ensure your guests stay full, things like pastries, quiches, fruit and so much more. Don’t forget to serve it with lashings of sparkling champagne or prosecco!

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Last, but by no means least, we have Picnics. A fun and sociable way for your guests to enjoy a bite to eat. Picnics are a lovely idea for a garden or beach themed wedding but would also work well with lots of other themes. There are so many great ways to create your wedding picnic, you could create hampers for each of your tables that are placed in the middle for all your guests to indulge in. Or you could have large hampers filled with multiple items of the same foods so guests can go around building their own picnic plate.

While we still love the idea of a traditional sit-down wedding breakfast here at Drakes, Plymouth there are so many other quirky and individual ideas that will help make your day unique and memorable.

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