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Jewellery and Watch Accessories

Posted on August 1st, 2018

Here at Drakes, Plymouth we have recently welcomed a new collection of jewellery and watch accessories which we are sure you will love as much as we do!

Jewellery Boxes;

This stunning collection of Wolf jewellery boxes are perfect for keeping all your precious purchases safe and secure. We have a number of different styles and sizes in store so you can find one that suits your jewellery storage needs.

For keeping your jewellery safe and secure while travelling, we would highly recommend the Chloe Jewellery Roll (£95), the Blossom Jewellery Portfolio (£139) or the Blossom Safe Deposit Box (£109). Each of these styles are compact enough to fit in your suitcase or hand luggage bag but also has enough room to store and keep safe all the jewellery you might need on your travels.

Chloe Jewellery Roll, Love, Wolf Jewellery Box, Jewellery Roll, Drakes Jewellers                                                                  Chloe Jewellery Roll, Drakes Jewellers, Jewellery Accessories

Chloe Jewellery Roll

Blossom Jewellery Portfolio, Drakes Jewellers, Jewellery Accessories, Wolf Jewellery Portfolio                                                                 Blossom Jewellery Portfolio, Drakes Jewellers, Jewellery Acessiores

Blossom Jewellery Portfolio

Blossom Safe Deposit Box, Drakes Jewellers Plymouth, Drakes Jewellers, Jewellery Accessories, Wolf Blossom Safe Deposit Box                                                            Blossom Safe Deposit Box, Jewellery Accessories, Jewellery Boxes, Wolf Jewellery Box

Blossom Safe Deposit Box


For keeping your jewellery tidy at home, we have some stunning jewellery boxes in store. Not only do they make gorgeous decorative pieces, they are also so practical and display your jewellery neatly. We particularly love the Caroline Small Jewellery Box (£115) and the Blossom Medium Jewellery Box (£199). The useful compartments mean that you can store earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, and watches all in one place.

Caroline Small Jewellery Box, Jewellery Box, Jewellery Accessories, Wolf Caroline Small Jewellers Box, Drakes Jewellers                                                            Blossom Medium Jewellery Box, Wolf Blossom Medium Jewellery Box, Drakes Jewellers, Jewellers Box, Jewellery Accessories, Wolf Jewellery Box

Caroline Small Jewellery Box, Love, Drakes Jewellers, Jewellers Box, Wolf Jewellery Box, Wold Caroline Small Jewellery Box                                                           Blossom Medium Jewellery Box, Drakes Jewellers, Drakes Jewellers Plymouth, Jewellery Accessories, Jewellery Boxes, Wolf Jewellery Boxes

Caroline Small Jewellery Box                                                                                    Blossom Medium Jewellery Box

Watch Winders;

We also have our new watch winders collection. These Wolf Watch Winders accurately count every turn and work well with all automatic watches, whether they are vintage or new. They ensure the perfect wind every time with the patented turn counting mechanisms and rotation programmes.

The watch winders and covers come in a selection of different colours and each is handmade. We have, black, orange, navy and green all of which are priced at £205. We also have a double watch winder available in black, costing £389.

Wolf Watch Winders, Watch Winder, Watch Accessories, Wolf Watch Accessories, Drakes Jewellers                                                    Wolf Watch Winder, Wolf Double Watch Winder, Watch Accessories, Wolf Watch Accessories, Drakes Jewellers

Orange Watch Winder                                                                                       Black Double Watch Winder

To see our full collection of beautiful jewellery boxes and colour selection of watch winders, make sure you pop into store or browse them all here.

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