Introducing Les Georgettes

Posted on January 12th, 2017

Drakes Plymouth are excited to announce that Les Georgettes is now available in store and available to view online. Les Georgettes is an innovative French concept allowing you to create and then continually recreate your look by using beautifully coloured leather bands inside intricate metal frameworks.

Choose Your Design

Les Georgettes’ designs are inspired by the spirit of the jungle.  Pick from the beautiful designs and choose one that best expresses your inner animal!

Zèbre or Girafe, Panthère or Perroquet, Poisson or Crocodile?

Les Georgettes

Choose Your Finish

Often see beautiful jewellery but its not in the finish you’d prefer?

With Les Georgettes you can opt for one of four different finishes available. Silver, yellow gold, pink gold or ruthenium, and then even choose between between a matte or shiny effect.

With so many different finishes available it’s never been easier to get the exact style you are looking for.

Lew Georgettes

Choose Your Leather

Available in a vast array of beautiful shades, Les Georgettes’ leather bands have a different colour on each side and can be switched around to whichever colour you would like to see more of. Brighten it up for a party! Tone it down for the office.

Changing one band for another is so simple it can be done in seconds.  Just clip and unclip the leather band – et voilà!  Your Georgettes match your mood.

Les Georgettes


At Drakes, Plymouth we have been picking our favourites which is no easy task! Which is no easy task as there are so many possibilities! You can opt for a classic Rose Gold with pale pastel shades to compliment each other…

bracelet-plumage-dore-rose-rose-clair-gris-clair-3 bracelet-alhambra-pink-gold-finish-serpentine-orchid-1bracelet-ecaille-dore-rose-clair-gris-clair

Or shake it up and go for some serious colour injection!

bracelet-fougeres-finition-argent-metallise-rose-metallise-bleu  bracelet-girafe-gold-matte-finish-orange-liliumbleu-nimbusbracelet-girafe-dore-bleu-denim-caramel

The choice is yours, come in and see our team in Drake Circus who will help you choose your perfect Les Georgettes!

Drakes Jewellers Plymouth is an independent family owned jeweller offering the finest wedding, diamond and engagement jewellery. Visit us in store and have our team talk through your options with a friendly, informative approach.

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